A Good Match 13:00 HD video 2013

Ann and Alex have split up, but does that mean it has to be over with Alex's mom, too? Ann decides to give the relationship another try.

I wanted to make a movie that was not about a romantic relationship, but rather about a relationship that is usually regarded as peripheral to the romance—the one between a woman and her boyfriend’s mother. This relationship often becomes a casualty of the romantic breakup, but I wondered what would happen if the ex-girlfriend and the mom tried to keep it going. The idea for this film started out as a memoir-essay. I spent several months in 2010 writing, or rather rewriting, the same ten pages, to no avail—it seemed boring, pointless, etc.

About a year and a half later, I returned to the idea, and saw a way that I could write a script based on the material by picking out the best elements of the essay attempt and combining it with a story that was totally fictional. Hooray! (A good reminder that no writing is ever wasted—some writing turns out to be practice for other writing.) A Good Match is my first film made in Kansas City, and I got to work with wonderful artists--Nancy Marcy, Liz Clark Golson, and Michael McIntire play the leads; Katy McRoberts did the art direction, and Whitney Manney designed the costumes. I imported Richie Sherman and Joe Mayo from Pennsylvania to DP and record sound, respectively. Kai Esbensen, of Bubblemath fame, created the score.