Lessons from Exes 11:00 HD video and 16mm 2017

An anthology film about the useful lessons that remain after the ex has gone on their way. Five women tell their stories.

For a while, I had in mind the idea to make a film about practical lessons learned from ex-partners (mine: how to make popcorn and how to fold a fitted sheet) but I struggled with how to make it interesting. Rocket Grants, run by Charlotte Street Foundation and the KU Spencer Museum of Art, inspired me to try to make the process itself interesting. I interviewed a number of women about practical lessons learned from former partners, edited the interviews into two-minute audio pieces, and invited four Kansas-City area women filmmakers to each choose one and make a film. I made one too, and edited them all together. The finished film screened in a restroom at Crows Coffee. Would I recommend screening your film in a restroom? Read my RocketBlog! post, and find out.

Many thanks to collaborators Misti Boland, Caitlin Horsmon, Meg Jamieson, and Mary C. Taylor.