Maybe Pittsburgh 26:00 HD video 2009

Emily tries to save her marriage with a romantic weekend trip to Pittsburgh. Reality intrudes.

This is my "longest short" to date. I wanted to try to make a film with a more sustained narrative, and more depth of character and emotion. It builds on and expands the style I used in Know What You Mean, with both real-time scenes and interior-life-of-the-character scenes. Making this film really pushed me as a writer, director, and producer. I feel I achieved a fair amount of what I had set out to do, but I now also have a nice long list of writerly, directerly, and producerly things that I want to learn how to do better. Emily Rossell and Nathan Holt play the lead roles. Richie Sherman was the director of photography. Joe Mayo created the sound design. Score by Margrit Eichler.